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Sponsorship Queries

What is child sponsorship program?

Child sponsorship allows you as an individual or a group of individuals to financially support the education, nutrition and health needs of your sponsored child. The regular contributions you make as a sponsor will contribute to the holistic development of the child until the child is self sufficient. Your sponsorship will impact not only the life of a child but also the livelihood of the child’s family and community.

Is there a specific age for a child to be sponsored?

Children enter our sponsorship program between the ages of 3 and10 years and stay on till the age of 21years.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

You are encouraged to write to your sponsored child to get to know him/her and their family better. Your sponsored child will also write to you and if he/she is too young to write, our staff will assist them. This can be a rewarding experience both for you and your sponsored child.

Will I be writing directly to my sponsored child?

No, as per our Child protection guidelines all communications to your child should be addressed to ‘The Sponsor Relations Department’ Help A Child of India, Post Box No-3480 Anna Nagar West, Chennai- 600 040.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes. You can meet your sponsored child. As per our Child Protection guidelines your visit will be coordinated by the Sponsor Relation Manager and one of our staff will accompany you. You are requested to inform about your visit at least a month ahead of schedule. You are also required to sign the ‘visitor’s behaviour protocol’ of Help A Child of India.

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