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11 Dec, 2015

Chennai Relief Work at Muthumariaman Nagar

Help A Child of India provided the residents of Muthumariaman Nagar with relief materials.  These people live on the banks of the Coovam River near Koyambadu.  Most of their houses were washed away and many lost all their belongings.

Govintha Raj 18 says that all their things were washed away. There was a flash flood that came and left them with no time to react to the emergency situation. They had no time to take their things but had to flee for their life leaving their houses behind. They have no clothes and so the t shirts that we gave them are of great use to the people.


The timely help that is being rendered by Help A Child of India throughout many places in Chennai during these times of crises has helped hundreds of people to re-start their lives with Hope and Happiness.

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