Help A Child of India is a registered non-profit Civil Society engaged in the development of the deprived children in the peripheries of the social fabric.

Help A Child of India is governed and managed by a passionate team with multi-disciplinary expertise.The activities are spread across the country making a difference in the lives of needy children from the poor pockets, irrespective of the background, caste, creed, gender and religion.

Help A Child of India enabled scores of children since 1968 to realize their dreams, restoring Hope and Happiness. Many of the children sponsored and supported by Help A Child of India are playing responsible roles in the society at large in the country and in global arena.

Help A Child of India works to improve child well-beingthrough diverse initiatives, strategically aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Key Strategic Focus areas include:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Child Leadership and Excellence
  • Skill Development of Youth
  • Economic Empowerment of families with Young children
  • Children in Disasters

Help A Child of India embarked on a movement of Child Leadership and Excellence to promote child well -being.

New generation of innovative programs areinitiated for direct execution by the Organization. There is a special focus on Urban Engagement to reach out to the Children in the Cities and Schools through Smart Child Initiatives.

Help A Child of India endeavors to execute the programs with sustainable impact.

Help A Child of India embarked on raising local resources through child sponsorship, donations and corporate engagement.

Help A Child of India invites sponsors and donors to join in the yeoman service to the deprived children.

All donations are exempted under Section 80G(5) of Income Tax Act 1961