Founded by Mrs. Anky Rook Maaker in 1968

River of Life

1968:Programs were Institutional providing food shelter clothing and education supported by Red eenKind,  TheNetherlands.

  • Child Sponsorship for poor orphans and semi orphans.
  • Charity approach by Founder and India Partner.

1980- 2000: Day care program was added to the interventions using a welfare approach.

1999: Orissa Super Cyclone Relief and Rehabilitation.

2001: Gujarat Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation.

2002:Day care program was added to the interventions using a welfare approach.

2003:Day care program implemented using a welfare approach.

2004: Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation.

2005:Special program for the disabled children was included and welfare approach continued with Partners in India.

2006:Basic Education & Sustainable Economic Development was implemented by partners, supported by Netherland Government.

  • Child sponsorship for poor, orphans and semi orphans and disabled children continued.
  • Kashmir Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation work undertaken.

2007:Redesigning of projects at Bengaluru and Chennai enabled community based approach.

  • Child sponsorship for orphans and disabled children from Netherland continued.
  • Organizational Development and Change Management Workshop at
  • Samastipur, Bihar Flood Relief .

2008:Direct implementation of Programs by Help  A Child of India

  • Child Ambassador Model (CAM) was introduced in Kalahandi, Orissa.
  • Kosi River, Bihar Relief and Rehabilitation.

2009:Shift from residential Program to Community Development Program. Eg: Kalahandi, Orissa.

  • Shift in approach from welfare to Child Centered Community Development.


  • Help A Child of India Projects implemented -Model project for community based interventions
  • Child Ambassador Model(CAM) implemented at Madhepura, Bihar.
  • Child Sponsorship Project, India- Kalahandi.
  • Staff expansion, restructuring and growth. 

2011-15: MFS II funded projects and India Sponsored projects.


  • Initiation of MFS II projects
  • CARENETWORK- Vocational Training and Research Centre
  • Bethel Agricultural Fellowship.
  • Edugate project
  • FBO project.
  • Special TVET project.
  • Madhepura, Bihar project.
  • Directly implemented projects:
    • Koraput Child Development Project,Orissa
    • Raichur Child Development Project, North Karnataka.


  • Online marketing and brand building.
  • Directly implemented projects: Dangs, Gujarat, Kalahandi, Odisha(local fund) and Samastipur, Bihar(local funded project).
  • Partner implemented projects: Pennagaram andGajapati Child Development Projects.


  • Partner implemented projects in Health, Education and disability.
  • Directly implemented projects implemented by Help A Child of India’s project teams.
  • Participatory Integrated Child Development tools being used for conception of the program.
  • New CDPs (Child Development projects) launched through partner as well as directly.
  • Urban initiatives for girl child protection launched.
  • Uttarakhand Relief Program.


  • Strategic Planning Workshops.
  • Team Building.
  • Character Solutions.
  • Girl Child Project launched in Chennai.
  • New logo adopted.
  • Sustainability Alliance.
  • Transformation Alliance Facilitated.
  • Ten Cities concept.


  • Defining the Strategic Aspirations.
  • Intensive designing and responding to call for proposals.
  • Relationship building with Alliances and Team building.
  • Incorporated Child Character Development Initiatives.
  • Help A Child Australia sponsored children  in a slum at Kolkata.
  • Chennai Flood Relief
  • Partnership with Praise Foundation and Ketto Crowd Funding.


  • Corporate office in Chennai moved to own premises.
  • Complete phase out of homes and Institutions implemented by Partners.
  • Child Character Fest at Chennai.
  • New Organizational Structure in place.
  • 80G grantedand FCRA renewed.
  • PMEL(Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Learning) Systems in Place.
  • Chennai Urban Program Initiated.
  • Adult Literacy Project, Bihar, funded by Tata Consultancy Services(TCS).
  • Anita Methodist Matriculation School Social Work Project funded by Greijdanus School, Netherlands.
  • Strategic Planning updation for the period 2020 beyond commissioned.
  • Vardha cyclone relief at Poondi Child Development Project, Thiruvallur.


  • Staff conference in Chennai.
  • Kalahandi flood Relief
  • Bihar Flood response
  • Phase 2 TCS Adult Literacy Project in Bihar.
  • Child Safeguard Campaigns for child protection
  • Social media for fund raising strengthened.
  • Evaluation of projects and strengthening of PMEL systems.
  • Former Sponsor children gathered at Help A Child of India Office.