Child Care

Help A Child of India has been providing opportunities for development to many poor and needy children, deprived of such possibilities, through residential child care programs for decades. Several differently abled children have also been benefited through special programs. Day Care Centers helped the children to build academic support. Many children completed their academics, secured vocational skills and pursued employment, even beyond the borders, and are ambassadors of the children’s cause.

Child Development Programs

Child Development Programs are being implemented to address children’s issues within the overall context of their community. These programs are designed to empower the communities to identify the problems they are confronted with and address them to ensure child well- being. Emphasis is laid on the character development of the children to raise children to be responsible citizens of the country.

Interventions that indirectly affects the well-being of children include, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, behavior change, gender and development, strengthening local governance, water and sanitation, clean energy, social entrepreneurship, adult literacy and sustainable livelihoods.

Help A Child of India values collective action to address children’s issues through strategic alliances and networks with national and international donors, individuals and corporates, in cooperation with government. Help A Child of India maintains mandate for children faced with extreme poverty, discrimination, disease and deprivation and strives for the rehabilitation and social integration of such children.

Urban Engagement

Considering the ever growing urbanization in the country affecting the children living in slums directly on several fronts, Help A Child of India scaled up program initiatives to reach out to urban poor communities helping children of the pavement dwellers, domestic workers, rag pickers, street children etc. with a special focus on girl child development and protection.

Disaster Management

Help A Child of India has been responding to the needs of children and families afflicted by natural calamities through emergency relief and rehabilitation. Over years, Help A Child rendered services during major disasters- Maharashtra Earthquake, Orissa Super Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami, Kashmir Earthquake and Bihar Floods. Uttarakhand flood relief, etc.

Help A Child of India engages in disaster risk reduction and build resilience in and around the child development projects implemented by it. It is planned to train children from the local educational institutions in disaster management.