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Awareness on care of the new born, breastfeeding practices, health child care and growth, Parenting...
Children are trained in seven effective health habits, leadership training, Child safety and protection, child...
Deprived youth are provided options to acquire skills for employability and entrepreneurship including life skills...
Parents of the children are provided with livelihood options by linking with Government schemes and...
During emergencies children are provided with immediate relief measures based on the needs of children.
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Child Sponsorship

Help a Child of India impacts the lives of thousands of children every year. Our vision of  providing a life of joy and dignity for all children’ can only be made possible through sponsors like you. Sponsors through their monthly commitment of Rs 600/- have transformed the life of a needy child and have played a major role in the upliftment of many poor, backward communities.

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  • Sponsorship Queries

    What is child sponsorship program?

    Child sponsorship allows you as an individual or a group of individuals to financially support the education, nutrition and health needs of your sponsored child. The regular contributions you make as a sponsor will contribute to the holistic development of the child until the child is self sufficient. Your sponsorship will impact not only the life of a child but also the livelihood of the child’s family and community.

    Is there a specific age for a child to be sponsored?

    Children enter our sponsorship program between the ages of 3 and10 years and stay on till the age of 21years.

    Can I write to my sponsored child?

    You are encouraged to write to your sponsored child to get to know him/her and their family better. Your sponsored child will also write to you and if he/she is too young to write, our staff will assist them. This can be a rewarding experience both for you and your sponsored child.

    Will I be writing directly to my sponsored child?

    No, as per our Child protection guidelines all communications to your child should be addressed to ‘The Sponsor Relations Department’ Help A Child of India, Post Box No-3480 Anna Nagar West, Chennai- 600 040.





  • Technical Queries
    My Transaction has failed. What do I do next?
    Please wait for our Sponsor Support Staff to contact you by email or phone. Please do not retry transactions more than twice in order to avoid locking of your credit card details with your bank before knowing the reason why the bank declined your transaction.
  • New to Help A Child of India

    How does my sponsored child benefit?

    In a typical Child Centred Community Development program your contribution will provide a child with supplementary nutrition, education and health care. Your support will not only benefit the child but will help in bringing about lasting changes to the family and the community at large.

    Does Help a Child of India help children of a particular religion or community only?

    No, our programs are for vulnerable children across the country, regardless of caste, religion or gender.



  • Governance
    • MR. L.R. Joshi has vast experience in third sector with three decades of strategic leadership. He pioneered and built credible profile of development and disaster management frontiers. He travelled across…
      Mr.L. R. JOSHI, Secretary & Chief Executive Officer
    • Dr. Shanthi Davidar is a Psychiatrist, consulting at hospitals in Chennai. Also, she is the Founder, Director of Rapha Unlimited, an organization that provides professional counseling services in counseling centers…
      Dr. Shanthi Davidar, Chairperson
    • “Dr. David Dass is a Character Consultant. He is the National Director of Character Solution International in India and has trained over scores of Master Trainers, nationwide in 15 Indian…
      Dr. David Dass,Vice Chairperson
    • Mr. Jebasingh Jothi is a practicing Chartered Accountant since 1987. He is a Finance and Audit Consultant to several corporate and charitable institutions. He provides advisory services for formation and…
      Mr.Jebasingh Jothi,Treasurer
    • Dr.Miriam Samuel is the Head of the Department of College of Social Work in Madras Christian College, Chennai. She brings rich experience of engagement in social sector. She provides Consultancy…
      DR.Miriam Samuel,Executive Committee Member
    Success Stories
    June 26, 2018
    J.John Jawaharis from a poor family. His father deserted the family and went away.  He has a sister who is studying in…
    June 26, 2018
    Isaac Lalmalsawm- Ist year, Guwahati medical college Isaac Lalmalsawm hails from a small village of Hmarkhawlien, Manipur. His mother passed…
    Help A Child of India
                   Your support ensures quality education and good health to your sponsored child. Contributions from people like you make a great difference in the lives of the poor and needy children in India. Such gifts also provide vocational skills to youngsters and adults in the community.We value your continued support. Please login using your email address and phone number that you used previously, to make your next contribution.
    Thank you.
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